Vendor Guidelines

Vendor Guidelines

ILTA's vendors are a valuable part of the ILTA community, providing product information, guidance, educational content and networking opportunities.

As part of the ILTA community, vendors are asked to adhere to the following guidelines to maximize interactions with ILTA members and support the ILTA culture.

  • Don't Bypass Your Contact
    ILTA's online discussion forums create a lot of buzz. If you are forwarded a message from an ILTA e-group (online discussion group), please resist the urge to contact the original poster. Please respond to the individual who forwarded you the message and ask him/her to make proper introductions.

  • Curb the Cold Calls
    As a benefit of your sponsorship, you'll receive a membership directory (no email addresses). Mine the information for titles, firm/entity size, etc. to determine prospects and best contacts, but please do not conduct cold calls. Our members are busy professionals who do not appreciate interruptions.

  • Keep It Educational
    Most content developed for ILTA is educational in nature, but there are also opportunities to highlight products and services. Confirm whether your session is educational or promotional, and stick to the plan. No "selling" is allowed during educational presentations.

  • Keep It Educational (Part Deux)
    Whenever you are in attendance at an ILTA event, you are invited to participate in group discussions, but do not mention your products or services. Share general experiences and information pertinent to the topic.

  • Share the Love
    ILTA loves its sponsors, and we encourage you to utilize ILTA publishables, e.g., surveys, to help support the value of your product. It is not appropriate to use such information as negative publicity concerning competitors.
Are you attending ILTACON? We'll send you a whole other set of no-nos. ;-)