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ILTACON 2019 Wrap Up

International Legal Tech Conference Breaks Attendance Record

Bloomberg Law

Sam Skolnik

“One of the largest annual legal tech conferences in the U.S. drew more attendees this year than ever, according to organizers, underscoring the dramatic growth of the legal tech industry and its increasing importance to the practice of law.”

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ILTACON 2019 at the Happiest Place on Earth

Ball in your court

Craig Ball

“I talked about discovery tools and whether they’ve kept pace with the sea changes in electronic evidence.”

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#ILTACON19: Post-Mortem Notes, Musings and Observations


Bob Ambrogi

“For me, perhaps the most memorable aspect of the conference was not a product or an event or an exhibitor. Rather, it was the palpable sense of an organization reinvigorated.”

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ILTACON 2019 Recap: The Team Shares Impressions

Kraft Kennedy

Tracy Kraft

“Fresh from the conference, the Kraft Kennedy team takes stock in an ILTACON 2019 recap. Here are our impressions, musings, favorite memories, and industry predictions.”

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Takeaways of an ILTACON First-Timer—Inviting More Lawyers to Come Next Time!

Jennifer Hart, Connective Counsel

“As a recovering lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur, Jennifer Hart attended her first-ever ILTACON by participating in the Startup Hub. Here are her top five takeaways.”

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Getting it Done at ILTACON 2019: Taking the Temperature of Legal Innovation in Practice

Thomson Reuters - Legal Executive Institute

David Curle

“Legal tech is moving beyond the theoretical, rocket science phase, and is progressing into the 'launching rockets into space' phase — with the same perilous balance of success and failure that the early astronauts faced.”

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Takeaways from Litigation Support Day 2019


Tammie Josifovic

“Our team was honored to attend the full event, and we wanted to share the best and brightest takeaways with those who may have missed it.”

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ILTACON 2019 — Smarter Email, AI Contract Review, And More

Above the Law

Nicole Black

“I had many opportunities to learn about the latest and greatest in legal technology, while also connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.”

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Friday Roundup: Post-ILTACON Legal Tech Awards Edition


Bob Ambrogi

“Two sets of legal technology awards were announced during the recent ILTACON, the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association — ILTA’s own Distinguished Peer Awards and The Changing Lawyer Awards sponsored by Litera Microsystems.”

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Here’s My Observations of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (IMHO) of ILTACON 2019: eDiscovery Trends

Cloud Nine

Doug Austin

“Here are some of my observations regarding this year’s conference using the theme of the classic spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.”

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Another Whirlwind Year at ILTACON

Litera Microsystems

“We’re glad to see that ILTA’s annual meeting has returned to its roots and brought more focus back to core IT roles.”

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Goodbye ILTACON Orlando, Hello a Whole New World of Possibilities


“With takeaways from all the sessions attended, sessions hosted, the people we met, and the opportunities that arose, we are excited to look the future.”

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Reflections on ILTACON 2019


Joe Bartolo

“Technology is constantly changing, and participating in ILTACON makes it easier to stay current.”

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Dolphins and Swans and Klinger, Oh My! There’s No Place Like ILTACON!


Melissa Singleton

“Of all the legal and technology conferences I’ve attended over the years—never mind how many years!—ILTACON always excites me most. There’s camaraderie, a genuine sense of community, a lot to learn and more than enough fun for everyone.”

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