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Jane began working in the Legal Ebilling vertical in November 1994 as the first employee at TyMetrix.  While there, Jane worked in every capacity imaginable, ultimately filling the role of Director of Data Services.  Thereafter Jane worked as a legal technology consultant, eventually founding Global Legal Ebilling in 2011.  As a legal technology consultant, Jane works with legal and insurance organizations implementing ebilling, usually in the most difficult of circumstances:  globally situated companies with custom needs, usually having numerous, often disconnected, financial systems.  Frequently Jane assists with law firm on-boarding, often serving as a main point of contact until firms new to ebilling have successfully submitted and been paid.  She also provides client-side troubleshooting and Help Desk assistance until internal Project Managers are fully trained to confidently respond to questions on the new system and processes.  Jane also works with law firms needing ebilling optimization assistance and vendors on feature creation.

Jane has been on the LEDES Oversight Committee Board of Directors since the founding of the organization, serving as President for close to two decades. Jane created the XML 2.0x, 2.1x and 2.2x formats to support global ebilling, led all revision efforts for these standards, and has contributed to numerous subcommittee efforts including the LEDES API.  Her commitment to industry leadership is unquestioned.  It is unlikely that anyone in the industry has a better understanding of how legal ebilling works, its possibilities, or its issues.  Jane believes that legal ebilling is not “done,” that there are many areas where improvement is needed, and she donates an incredible amount of time every year nudging the industry toward a better solution.

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(First) TyMetrix Employee of the Year
TyMetrix, Inc.