Participant Applicant Review Committee

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Signup Deadline: 08-02-2020
Starts: 08-03-2020
Ends: 08-02-2021


Outside of traditional ILTA membership, ILTA provides individuals an opportunity to become further involved with the organization at the participant level as either an Associate Participant or an Industry Participant. This includes individuals working in or with the legal industry. Per ILTA’s Bylaws, an Associate Participant may be an unemployed individual who is either actively seeking employment in the legal profession or has retired from it; and an Industry Participant is an individual working in or closely with the legal industry. To qualify as an Industry Participant, the individual must be a vendor, consultant, legal service provider, or an individual whose employing entity would qualify as a Member (but is not a Member).

The Participant Applicant Review Committee is responsible for deciding the final status of participant applications with assistance from ILTA Staff.


Committee members will provide varying points of view and work to reach consensus around whether or not an individual may qualify for participant status with ILTA.


One-year, renewable subject to application/interview process:  August 3 to August 2



The team is comprised of:

  • Two individuals employed by ILTA firm members (of varying firm sizes)
  • One individual employed by an ILTA corporate or law department member
  • Two at-large members, either being ILTA participants or employees of ILTA member entities


One individual within the team will serve as Chair and the team will be supported by an ILTA staff member from the Membership Department.



  • Review participant applications who meet defined criteria, on a quarterly basis
  • Work with fellow committee members and staff to determine eligibility of participant applicants (using the Participant Eligibility Guidelines)
  • Work closely with ILTA Staff and committee members to document decisions made
  • Provide ILTA Staff with information about the legal tech industry
  • Promote transparency and ensure consistency around the application process
  • Determine final status of participant applications with ILTA Staff assistance
  • Provide a report at the end of the year to the Board of Directors that identifies what individuals were accepted and which were not accepted (to be added to the guidelines for the coming year)
  • Discuss with fellow committee members why someone is or why someone is not eligible to be a participant. Document decisions and reasoning to assist in improving the Guidelines.



  • Participate in meetings quarterly (or as needed)
  • Conduct quarterly review of participant applications
  • Collaborate with team mates to provide guidance to ILTA staff

In Person Meetings:

  • None 


Objective Criteria:

  • ILTA member or associate participant
  • At least two years’ experience working in legal technology
  • Willingness to accept direction from the volunteer leadership and ILTA staff as required
  • Willingness at all times to act as a reflection of ILTA’s core values
  • Complete the ILTA Conflict of Interest Form


Subjective Criteria:

  • Professional demeanor
  • Ability to work within a goal-oriented, results-driven team
  • Ability to convey ideas with respectfulness
  • Respect for protocol and history of the organization
  • Ability to put aside personal objectives in deference to the needs of the membership


Desired Skills:

  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines



Skills you can expect to learn from this volunteer position include:

  • Goal setting
  • Networking 
  • Learning from challenges and successes of peers
  • Communication



ILTA volunteer leaders do not receive compensation for their services but may be reimbursed for expenses.

System Qualifications:


Volunteers Needed:

3 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Samantha Surillo
Global Membership Manager