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Founder and CEO of SecurIT360; an independent Cyber Security firm.  I have over 25 years of IT and Security experience.  A former System Engineer and CIO; I have sat in your seat and know what it is like to manage IT for demanding professionals.  Let's connect and get to know each other.  

Some Benefits SecurIT360 offers Law Firms:

  • Legal track record. In the past ten years, our team has worked with over 250 Law Firms of various sizes; including small niche firms up to the AMLAW 100.  We are intimately familiar with the nuances of full service vs. specialty firms and the unique legal functions within.


  • SecurIT360 is a knowledge-based, cyber-only firm that also represents other industries concerned with protecting sensitive information, including Financial, Healthcare, Utilities, and IT Services.  Our recommendations come from working experience with many solutions.


  • We are vendor agnostic and a client advocate.  We do not “sell” or broker products or a particular vendor.  Ours is a process, not a product.  Yes, you need products, but it is the process and people around those products that keeps the firm secure.


  • Thorough and detailed. Technology is a major component of information security, but not the only one.  Our 360° audit has over 1500 audit points that span 10 functional areas.  Our holistic processes address the Firm’s practices and administrative functions.


  • We tailor our audit and measurement processes to meet the Firm’s goals.  We offer levels of service ranging from basic vulnerability assessments up to 24/7 outsourced security teams.  We can even handle those pesky bank and other compliance questionnaires on your behalf.