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Accepting that our world is ever-changing, ILTA wants to help you and your firm prepare a dedicated contingency work plan. And, as the situation with COVID-19 could impact you and your ability to work for an extended period of time, ILTA invites our members and partners to review new and relevant ILTA content specifically curated for events such as these.


What we're doing

As our ILTA event season begins, we are closely monitoring COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) updates, including reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US Department of State, and World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, our team is regularly exchanging information with our peers in the events and association spaces about their thoughts and plans, to ensure our members, sponsors, and the legal community at large are supported throughout this period of global focus on COVID-19.

Below please find specific updates on ILTA’s plans and preparedness relating to COVID-19.

Your well being is our primary concern; please reach out to an ILTA staff member if we can offer any assistance finding content or recordings that may make your work-day easier.

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  • How is ILTA responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

    We are closely monitoring COVID-19 updates including reports from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), State Department, and World Health Organization (WHO). Although the CDC considers the current, immediate health risk to be low at this time, in our event locations, we are prepared to take any precautions necessary to keep all ILTAns safe and secure. This includes implementing best practices, working with hotel staff, and sister associations to ensure we are timely and accurate in our decisions and planning.

  • Will LegalSEC Summit 2020 be canceled?

    LegalSEC Summit 2020 will be a virtual conference. It will be held over 3 days: 15-17 June. We are reviewing our options for dates with the San Antonio Marriott.

  • Will ILTACON 2020 be canceled?

    It has come to our attention that the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville will be closing to guests for one month beginning March 27th, 2020. This is in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Gaylord has provided ILTA with continued contacts, so that planning can proceed on schedule. Based on all information currently available, we are still on track to open ILTACON on August 23rd.

  • My organization has instituted travel restrictions for the foreseeable future. Will we be able to register at the Early Bird Price for LegalSEC Summit and ILTACON once those restrictions are lifted?

    For organizations with travel restriction policies, we will extend Early Bird Registration for 10 days post proof of firm restriction policy and policy lift date. Please contact for assistance with this. Please note: To register at the early bird price 2020 membership dues must be fully paid.

  • What is the refund policy for ILTACON and LegalSEC Summit?

    Our present cancellation policy has been amended and we will extend our current policy as we have for early bird registration. If any cancellations are necessary due to COVID-19 please reach out to us and we will discuss options including roll-over to other ILTA events, as well as refunds.

  • Will Local Events/Roadshows and Socials still take place?

    ILTA is working with our local volunteers (Member Liaisons)and Business partners based on the local circumstances and travel restrictions to determine whether local events should still take place or if we should look at alternative virtual and in-person delivery. Local members will be updated if events are changed.

  • What ILTA events have been canceled so far?

    3/13 UPDATE: We are rescheduling ILTACON South America and ILTAVATION Argentina for Q3/Q4 2020. The May Trilogy events are moving to the fall. More information is forthcoming.

A Message From Dawn Hudgins, VP of Brand & Events

As we move forward with ever-changing news, the preparedness team meetings, and actions, I wanted to give you an update about our upcoming conferences. We are closely monitoring the CDC, WHO, and local government authority reports, as well as international reports regarding COVID-19. We have reviewed our preparedness plans and have decided there is no better time than now to evaluate our events and current processes, and to work with our contracted hotels and venues. We're asking ourselves, "Are we making the best decisions, or are we staying with standard practices because we have always done so?"

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Featured Partner Content

As the COVID situation has continued to evolve, ILTA is pleased to have our Business Partners alongside us. We will continue the discussion and work together to produce high-quality content that helps members and organizations during this difficult time.

A big THANK YOU to all Business Partners who are providing webinars, events, free trials, and much more to benefit ILTA Members and the legal community! Your expertise and services are greatly appreciated.


ILTA's COVID Programming and Resources

We have turned our “regularly scheduled programming” on its head to offer highly-relevant, “just in time” content to help the legal community navigate these uncharted times.


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