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Dearest ILTANs!

by Joy Heath Rush

H H appy Summer! In just two short months, many of us will be together in Orlando at ILTACON 2019. Looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting lots of new folks!

My last CEO column was devoted to “firsts” (with a smattering of servant leadership thrown in for good measure). Well, it turns out that you haven’t heard the last of firsts (yes, I hear you groaning).

For example, this is our first (at least as far as I know) issue of Peer to Peer consisting entirely of content provided by business partners, consultants, and other thought leaders outside of law firms, corporate and government law departments, and law schools. This issue’s authors are providing us with deep technical expertise, business innovation, and views that encompass their experiences with many of our members. We had so many great submissions that our print issue this quarter is only part of the story – a second, fully-digital issue of P2P (let’s call it Summer, Part 2) will be released before ILTACON!

Also, since last we spoke, ILTA delivered the first iteration of our “trilogy” events – one-day, mini-conferences devoted to practical innovation, women in leadership, and development of our young professionals. Held in New York in late April/early May, these highly-interactive events employed a workshop model to engage participants and provide practice around concrete takeaways. Thanks to Matt Homann of Filament for facilitating the inaugural series. Those of you in and near Toronto, Phoenix, and Silicon Valley, be on the lookout for trilogy events in your area. For a complete listing, click here. Our goal with the trilogy events is to bring some of the ILTACON experience with meaningful networking to audiences who may be underserved. We also want to provide an immersive experience which includes skills you can apply immediately at work. Thanks to the three groups of volunteers who advised us in our efforts!

Another first is the addition of our first VP of Education. We are excited that Marti Phillips will be joining us as VP of Education in mid-July. A long-time ILTA volunteer and professional educator, Marti combines the passion and volunteer spirit which is so central to ILTA with deep expertise in education. Please join me in welcoming her.

Oh, and as I write this, I am returning from my first LegalSEC Summit as CEO, having attended previously as a member, speaker, and exhibitor. So many connections! So many ideas! Such great content! Please click here for the event wrap-up. Huge thanks to co-chairs Eric Andersen and Gary Berger and their entire team! And remember – if you attended and hold a CISP or similar certification, the sessions you attended can contribute to your continuing education hours. Make sure to join us in San Antonio next June for LegalSEC Summit 2020.

Soooo … I did promise you a few words on Servant Leadership. I have learned that this term is controversial in some respects. It is certainly not my intent to be controversial – at least not on this item.

How about we instead think of servant leadership as a recognition that everyone has customers – internal and external. When you can identify those customer relationships – including recognizing when you are the customer – then determine what success looks like in each customer relationship, you will be providing service par excellence. This also builds trust, and trust allows one-time successes to become long-term achievement.

Well, it is time for me to begin preparing for my first ILTACON as CEO (although this will be my 24th ILTACON overall!). Thanks to our ILTACON 2019 co-chairs David Hobbie and Julie Brown, their team, and to everyone who has made all 40+ of our annual conferences an experience to remember. Can’t wait to see you all in Orlando! ILTA

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