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Knowledge Management As Educators

This blog is part of our “Foundations of Knowledge Management” and “The Evolving Role of Education” series. Knowledge Management (KM) professionals can play a vital, and often varied, role when it comes to delivering formal learning

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Knowledge Management Sessions @ ILTACON

That team’s concerns include the broad topic of knowledge management, and also includes a few members who spend all or part of their time doing knowledge management in their organizations. I thought it might be useful for people who do knowledge management or who are interested in adopting or furthering knowledge management in their organizations to see a possible list of sessions

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Knowledge Management Q2 Discussion Takeaway

Last week was our KM Q2 Discussion. The overarching topic was Client Facing KM solutions. Attached is the recap of the conversation, for those who couldn't attend or would like a summary. If you'd like to contact any of the panelists for any direct questions they were: - Vincent Colavita:...

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Changing Knowledge Management (KM) Priorities

​ How and why are KM priorities changing? This was the topic of an ILTA virtual roundtable I moderated on July 6, 2017. I report here on the survey administered in advance and the flavor of the discussion (as moderator, I was not able to take good notes). An appendix contains survey results...

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Storytelling in Legal Knowledge Management

Not surprisingly then, storytelling also has a place in legal knowledge management...One effective way of sharing tacit knowledge is to gather around a conference table telling stories over cups of coffee

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The Future of Legal Knowledge Management

While no one can really predict the future, I can tell you that I’m scheduled to talk about the future of legal knowledge management (KM) in the near future

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Knowledge Management and the Simple Stick

The Simple Stick is a concept I’ve begun to adopt in my knowledge management work

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Knowledge Management Sessions At ILTA Conference

Conference has both a “formal” KM track (which means those 6 sessions managed by the ILTA KM PG) and many other sessions that may be of interest to knowledge management professionals or that even cover topics in what I consider “core” KM, such as enterprise search