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Training Incentives

Though we have another six months to prepare for National Security Awareness Month (October), we know security awareness training should be a constant in our organizations

Security Training for Law Firms: Mission Critical

Description Co-author of KnowBe4’s recent report, “2020 Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report,” Joanna Huisman covers cyber threats to the legal industry and improvements achieved through security awareness training

 10-30-2020 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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Boot Camp for Training Paralegals

Objective A week long, total immersion training for technically-minded paralegals who wish to be integrated into a litigation support / eDiscovery group.

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Getting Lawyers into Tech Training

The problem was that no one attended the training

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LegalSEC™ Blog: Security Awareness Training

Here is what we heard are critical needs and what we are doing about it: What you said you need LegalSEC™ Action Item Syllabus for Security Awareness Training We have put together a team of volunteers and vendors that will help us develop content and a syllabus that we can feed to the membership

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2003-04 April - The Training Evolution

King, King, Herpel and Associates - Assessment: The Key to Successful Training by Don Marinoni, IntelliTeach - Effective Training: Developing the Program by Charles Maas, the Potomac Consulting Group - From Brick and Mortar: Transitioning to a Virtual Classroom by Nance J. Coen, Omega Legal Systems #HelpDeskandUserSupport #Training #WhitePaper #DesktopandApplicationServices


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Training & Development - Flipped Learning: The Why's and When's of Using the Flipped Training Model

Why and When We Are Using the Flipped Training Method When we began the process of planning our training for our upgrade to Windows 10 and Office 2016, we explored a number of training options

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Training & Development - Flipped Learning: Leveraging Our Model

Leveraging Our Flipped Training Model Since starting our Flipped Training model in tandem with our rollout of our Windows 10/Office 2016 upgrade, we have come up with a number of ideas to entice people to participate in our training sessions

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Training One-on-One At Cassels Brock

Group training, onboarding, and other training techniques have some success, but are not tailored to an individual lawyer...Our search rate metrics, however, went up as we did one-on-one training (and have stayed up!)

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2010 (December) Peer to Peer: Training/Learning

With the ubiquity and variety of information (and misinformation) that’s available across media of all types, it’s easy to imagine the changes that are already occurring in how we learn and how we teach. We are challenged with rapidly changing technology landscapes; multiple...