Knowledge Management Round-Up for 2021: Groundhog Day

By Gwyneth McAlpine posted 01-07-2022 09:45


Please enjoy this round-up by Gwyn McAlpine, Director of Knowledge Management Services, Perkins Coie LLP.

Many of you know that each year, I post a round-up of Knowledge Management (KM) programming produced by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).  My goal is to collect the KM-related content and, in cataloging it, reflect on the themes of the past year.  You can find past years’ editions here: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.  Keep reading for this year’s version. 

Because KM-related interests can be very broad, there is some editorial discretion in compiling this list.  I focus on content targeted to a KM audience, produced by members of the KM community and/or a sprinkling of other topics that seems to be relevant to KM (or me) right now.  I do include Marketing Technology content, mostly because I know that through ILTA, it is often produced in tandem with KM colleagues, but also because this is a key area for KM to stay informed about.  My editorial discretion does mean that you probably want to visit the ILTA archives for more, particularly if your scope of KM responsibility includes adjacent functions like Information Governance or E-Discovery.  Be sure to sign in for access to the whole library.  If you attended ILTACON, ILTA’s annual conference in August, you will have even more recordings available to you.  They are omitted below because of their limited access. 

In creating this year’s round-up, I looked back at last year’s.  The tone conveyed confidence that the worst was behind us and hope for a pandemic-free, return-to-normal year.  Well, I’ve learned my lesson and will not be predicting what 2022 will bring.  But I can tell you about themes from 2021, derived from the content produced:

  • Roles are changing. There is a lot of content on evolving roles, upskilling, team collaboration and getting to know fresh voices in our community.  To me this reflects trends we are seeing more broadly.  The pandemic accelerated new ways of working and new priorities, resulting in a rapid evolution in roles and responsibilities. In tandem, the job market is going bonkers, creating new opportunities and, for some, new colleagues.  Many of us are focused more than ever on the people aspects of our roles, and there is much food for thought below to support that.
  • Podcasts continue to be popular. Nearly one-third of the listings below are podcasts! If you, like me, have lapsed on those regular walks around the neighborhood, make a resolution to load your mobile device with podcasts and restart those walks.  Podcasts are short and conversational, perfect for a lunchtime outing.  I’ve included duration so you can create a playlist of appropriate length,
  • Crossover topics reign. Each year, I find it harder to categorize the content because there is so much interweaving of topics.  The author or presenter may touch on strategy, innovation, skills, specific software and user adoption in a single contribution.  KM sees opportunity everywhere, which is reflected in this year’s offerings.  Thus, the categories below are simply loose guides.

AI and Automation

Cross-Team Collaboration

Data Mining & Analytics

Experience Management


Marketing Technology

Product Development

Professional Development / Changing Roles

Series: Fresh Voices of Legal Tech


Tech Tools & Adoption

Be safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, and take care of each other.  The KM community is indeed a community.  Let’s continue to learn from, and lean on, each other.  Here’s to 2022!

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01-19-2022 11:48

thank you so much for compiling this Gwyn!