Event wrap-up


April 30, 2019 | NEW YORK CITY

At the inaugural ILTAVATION, attendees rolled up their sleeves, collaborated with their peers, and practiced with useful tools that make real innovation actionable.

Throughout the day, Matt Homann, Founder & CEO at Filament, captivated ILTA peers through open discussions and led conversations on ways to innovate. Questions were raised, and solutions provided which were illustrated throughout the room by Visual Facilitator, Todd Bauman.

Actionable, innovative takeaways from ILTAVATION:

  • Building an innovation challenge for your organization
  • Using design thinking on a shoestring budget
  • Ways to engage your leaders and peers with change advocacy teams
  • Budgeting for “failure” while using pre-mortems and after-action reviews to make it less likely
  • Utilizing experiments to make big innovation palatable by thinking in small doses
  • Finding a better way to tell your innovation story to your entire organization

How might we do something, not how can we?
The opposite of can is "we can't"-- there is no opposite for might.

Matt Homann, Filament

People are the takeaway. Innovation is not just technology; you have to bring something else to it. Apply a new way, a new format.

Matthew Streisfeld, NUIX

It's great to engage, and gain a new perspective. I wasn't sure what to expect today -- lots of moving around, and it's great!

Sarah Didrikson, Nilan Johnson Lewis

A lot of other people have the same innovation problems I do. I think ILTAVATION has actionable items that I can bring back to work-- I'm having a call tomorrow!

Lauren Manzella, Ogletree

How do we serve our customers?
Take small chunks of time to innovate.

Matt Homann, Filament
Listen to an on-site interview!

Click the link below to listen to our on-site interview with Katie Kennedy from DocsCorp about what innovation means and what she learned at ILTAVATION.


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Thanks again to our event sponsors and host