Young Professionals Summit NYC

Event wrap-up

Young Professionals Summit

May 2, 2019 | NEW YORK CITY

At the inaugural Young Professionals Summit event in NYC, peers joined together to discuss what it takes to become a leader.

The diverse group was led by Matt Homann, Founder & CEO at Filament, who was accompanied by Visual Facilitator, Todd Bauman, to illustrate the conversations and takeaways of the day. A discussion was also led by Chris Wilson of Kraft & Kennedy, Inc., provided insights on change management and provided some sage advice to our young professionals. After a day of strong, interactive peer conversations, Joy Heath Rush, ILTA CEO discussed the value of being an ILTA volunteer and how it can lead to change in the legal technology industry. She encouraged volunteer participation from younger professionals which can assist them to become a leader and provide value to their peers and organizations.

The ILTA Young Professionals event was an innovation-focused, collaborative workshop allowing hands-on techniques and practice of key skills designed to help you advance your career:

  • How to build a better elevator pitch that highlights those you serve (vs. just what you do)
  • Ways to facilitate better meetings that get things done
  • Giving and receiving feedback in meaningful ways without the stress of annual reviews
  • Applying lessons from design thinking to all the challenges you’d like to solve
  • Unleashing the power of Unreasonable Requests to ask others for impossible things without facing the fear of rejection
Key advice given throughout the day:

Write in Sharpie. It makes your ideas more permanent.

Stories are really powerful; tell your coworkers why this would help you. Anecdotes are better than

Do a premortem. Ask questions like a project is already over and has been a miserable failure. Ask:
what were our blind spots? What should’ve been our back up plan? It is safer to talk about this all
before it begins; this would have given us a chance to course correct.

There isn’t an easy yes or no, so we dive into figuring out how to stretch our muscles and handle things
we aren’t comfortable with.

Listen to an on-site interview!

Click the link below to listen to our interview with Tracy Kennedy from Kraft & Kennedy, Inc to gain a perspective on why this event is important for young professionals, what she looked forward to learning on-site, and advice for her fellow young professionals in legal technology. 


Recap Video


Thanks again to our event sponsors and host