Mastering Microsoft Teams

Mastering Microsoft Teams

Before March 2020, Teams was just another application in a law firm's tech stack.

Three years into a pandemic, Teams has become a critical part of the technology and collaboration ecosystem at many firms. ILTA and Microsoft present this three-part series of master classes to explore best practices for your Teams environments.

2-Part Series for 2023

Teams Phone

April 2023

Heck, Yes – Mess with My Dial Tone! Are you well down the path of deploying Teams as your phone system? Have you only dipped your toe in the water? Thinking about a change and trying to decide how to decide? This virtual event is for you!

Mastering Teams London

November 2023

This Mastering Microsoft Teams in-person event will take place in conjunction with ILTACON Europe on Wednesday 15 November 2023.

Mastering Teams Phone

20 April 2023

Heck, Yes – Mess with My Dial Tone! Are you well down the path of deploying Teams as your phone system? Have you only dipped your toe in the water? Thinking about a change and trying to decide how to decide? This event is for you! Hear from peers inside law firms, as well as business partner experts, on a range of topics from making your decision to configuring your IU/UX. We’ll end the day with a Stump the Expert session! Don’t miss it!

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Agenda Overview: 20 April 2023

All times in Central Time

Hear from the experts.
Who better to ask your Microsoft Teams Phone questions than the Microsoft experts?! Resources from Microsoft will be available throughout the day as speakers and subject matter experts. Bring your hardest Teams Phone questions for the Stump the Expert session!

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Take advantage of the Super Pass! This registration includes access to the virtual Mastering Microsoft Teams Phone event on Thursday 20 April 2023 for up to 7 attendees from a Member entity or Corporate Business Partner (365 or above).

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Join Kara Portwood, Director of Innovation at Armstrong Teasdale LLP and Secretary on ILTA's Board of Directors, and Joy Heath Rush, ILTA's CEO, as they welcome participants to the Microsoft Teams Phone event.


Kara Portwood
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

For years in the law practice, the mantra was “don’t mess with my dial tone!” The pandemic turned that on its head, and now “alternative” phone systems are becoming mainstream. So how do you make the decision to move to a cloud-based phone system? And why Teams phone?


Dan Evans
Maschoff Brennan

Hailey Flint
vCom Solutions

Frank Spadafino
Blank Rome LLP

5-minute break

OK, so you’ve picked Teams as a phone system. Now what? Oh, yeah … the phones. Will you use softphones, traditional phones, or a mix? What about “specialty phones” (call center, reception)? Will you provide phones for home offices? What handsets work best? Why does it always come down to hardware...


Josh Lazar

James Oryszczyn
Quarles & Brady LLP

George Robertson
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

What’s coming with Teams phones? How do you find out? What are the implications of Teams Premium?


Donald Donais

30-minute break

Our lawyers definitely seem to love being able to be reached by a single phone number no matter where they may be. But this doesn’t happen by magic. What are the considerations and best practices for making the magic happen? And how do home offices make this harder?


Dan Paquette
Kraft & Kennedy, Inc.

When all of our meetings were in person in an office conference room, we mostly worried about physical security. With the prevalence of digital and hybrid meetings, we have whole new areas of security to consider. How do we ensure only those authorized access our meetings? What about access to recordings, close captioning, and transcripts? How do we protect data we are sharing during those meetings?


Satyendra Sharma
Netrix Global

10-minute break

Is anyone nostalgic for “old time” telephone training? Putting calls on hold, transferring calls, sending calls to voice mail. All with the UI of a physical telephone. Now we have to think of our telephone systems more like applications. What kinds of things do we need to configure for maximum usability? And how do we help our end users have the best possible experience in this brave new world?


Erika Barber
Traveling Coaches

5-minute break

Hear from your colleagues at various stages of their Teams Phone implementation. Celebrate their successes and share their pain!


Toni Duncan
Baron & Budd, PC

Mark Manoukian
Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter

5-minute break

Bring your hardest Teams Phone questions. Between our panel of experts and your fellow attendees, we are sure to get an answer (we hope)!


Donald Donais

Peter Oettinger
Square10 Solutions LLC


Kara Portwood
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

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Mastering Microsoft Teams Phone is the event you need if you're still investigating alternative phone systems or if you've already made the switch. Topics such as necessary hardware, upcoming product enhancements, configuring features, and best practices will help you ensure your Microsoft Teams Phone journey is as trouble-free as possible.

This event will take place Thursday 20 April 2023.

Mastering Microsoft Teams Phone will be 100% digital.

Unfortunately, no, the event will not be recorded.

ILTA Members and Corporate Sponsors (365 and above) may register for $199 until registration closes on 14 April 2023. Non-members may register for $349 until registration closes on 14 April 2023.

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