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White Papers


Office 365

The adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 continues to increase rapidly across legal and other industries. How can legal technologists manage the push toward Office 365? Whether adopted for the simpler updating process and security or the anytime anyplace access for attorneys this white paper provides recommendations and best practices to utilize Office 365. Read more

Knowledge Management

Amidst all the talk of innovation, disruption and transformation in the practice of law, we wanted to find out what knowledge management (KM) professionals are spending their time working on and thinking about these days. As the unifying theme for this year’s annual KM white paper, we challenged the KM community to discuss exceptionally good ideas worth considering.  Before we delve into the ideas our authors submitted, we start with a summary and the full results of our 2016 ILTA KM Survey. Read more
APRIL 2017

Marketing and Business Development

Professionals in marketing and business development have a difficult task in finding ways to make their message stand out among the deluge of information people receive every day. Whether they are trying to gather information from lawyers on experience, implement a culture where client relationship data are captured throughout the matter life cycle or put together the perfect pitch, their focus is continually on winning and keeping clients. But marketers often struggle to get the firmwide participation needed to differentiate their firm from the competition. We developed this white paper focused on marketing and business development to assist with these challenges. Read more

Litigation and Practice Support

We’ve made a list, and we’re checking things off! Litigation support professionals deal with a continuously changing technology landscape, so we asked members to identify what they’re experiencing and what assistance they need. This year’s “Litigation and Practice Support” white paper is sure to have something on your wish list. Read more

Potpourri: A Little Bit of Everything

The sweet aromas of potpourri are filling the air this November, as we present an assortment of content in our final white paper of 2016. Flip through the pages, and you'll enjoy myriad fragrances from our contributors. We have articles on keeping innovation strategies on track across global cultural lines, a case study on matter budgeting, reframing the artificial intelligence question in legal and using analytics to boost attorney productivity. Our authors share results from a risk management survey; and they cover getting lawyers to use an IT-approved file-sharing tool, the benefits of extranets and adopting marketing automation in your firm. There is truly a little bit of everything. Read more

Financial Management

The specialized field of financial management in legal is evolving as more processes are streamlined, data are collected and client expectations broaden. The efficient management of funds to accomplish the organization’s goals requires more than elaborate graphs and charts, it takes methodic planning, the right processes and tools, and vision and creativity. Read more
JUNE 2016

Knowledge Management

The phrase “one size fits all” applies to many things, but knowledge management (KM) is not one of them. To represent the wide variety of needs of legal KM practitioners, this year’s white paper aims to provide a balance of practical takeaways and theoretical food for thought. Read more
APRIL 2016

Litigation and Practice Support

A profound change is occurring in litigation support, and the professionals in this area of legal technology are experiencing a career in metamorphosis. There are new skills to master, new technologies to implement and new opportunities to seize. Those who embrace the transformation will be able to add long-term value to their organizations.  Read more

Business and Financial Management

Our authors have unveiled the inner workings of legal operations, exposed how to build Lean from the ground up, introduced rebuttals to lawyer objections to destroying paper, uncovered collections tips and more. These are just some of the things that can help your legal organization stand apart from the competition.  Read more

Knowledge Management and Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) and knowledge management (KM), long viewed as separate disciplines, have much in common; and they come together nicely to provide the foundation for this publication with a focus on information management. The engaging and informative articles in this white paper cover a lot of ground. You’ll read about designing a firm’s first KM program and fresh strategies for a veteran program; successfully managing change in a profession populated with risk-averse, introspective personalities; whether law firms can truly innovate; the future of KM; improving search capabilities; offboarding challenges associated with lateral lawyer movement; and more. Read more
JUNE 2015

Professional Services

“Professional services” is a broad term, and this white paper reflects that expansive view. Efficiency continues to be important, but how do you prioritize? How do you sustain a customer service culture of “yes”? How should you handle a machine intelligence team member? When the waters get rough, how do you navigate through a job change? Our authors have provided answers to these and many more questions. Read more
MAY 2015

Litigation and Practice Support

With this year’s Litigation and Practice Support white paper, ILTA presents a snapshot of the current state of the industry. We’ve focused our lens on e-discovery, but touch on all phases from information management through trial. Experts offer their insight regarding data retention, legal hold, collection, metrics, evidence presentation, professional development, the cloud and e-discovery in Asia and the EU. Read more
APRIL 2015

Information Governance

Our authors walk you through a comprehensive overview of information governance, what HIPAA means for law firms, governing client information, building a business case for IG that resonates with lawyers, how we, as outside counsel, can provide guidance to clients as they address their needs and execute on IG initiatives, and much more. Read more