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With peer-developed themes, content written by industry experts and case studies written by those who’ve “been there, done that,” our publications should sit on the top of your desk or digital library. Consistently ranked as the most valuable publications in the legal technology sector, our award-winning magazine, white papers and surveys deliver education when and where you want it.


Peer to Peer Magazine

Our award-winning quarterly print magazine is mailed to over 17,000 legal technology and business support professionals. Themes and topics are driven by member input and include thought-provoking features, case studies, interviews and more.


Digital White Papers

ILTA's white papers are anything but bland. These digital publications include five to eight articles that are typically deeper dives than those published in the magazine.


2018 Technology Survey

ILTA's most prestigious publication each year is our annual Technology Survey. It provides substantive data against which you can benchmark your organization's technology implementations and future plans. This year's survey reports the input of 481 firms representing more than 92,000 attorneys and 188,000 total users. We know you'll benefit from a review of the full analysis, priced at $500 for members.


Other ILTA Surveys

KM, Litigation and Practice Support Technology, IT Staffing, Project Management and more.


Contribute to our publications.

One of ILTA's most valued resources is our volunteer authors — knowledgeable and experienced professionals from our member and vendor communities. It's the wealth of educational content that comes from folks in the trenches that is so valuable to our readers; and we are grateful to our authors for sharing the information and experience they've acquired. If you'd like to contribute an article to ILTA, we want to help you get your idea approved and make sure your piece is published in the best possible light. It's truly a win-win: You and your organization get exposure to the most attentive audience of legal technology professionals in the world, and we get to publish articles that keep our readers informed, educated and coming back for more.


2019 Editorial Calendar

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Peer to Peer Magazine:
Spring 2019:
Forward Thinking Approach: From a Member Perspective

This member-focused issue will tackle bleeding edge topics, products, and services, applicable to members and their firms. Articles may cover such areas as user experience, service and support issues, billing, stakeholder needs, IG, security, and KM, all while offering articles and columns with an iterative, forward thinking approach, and day-to-day tech challenges.


White Paper:
Litigation and Practice Support

We’ll publish the annual Litigation and Practice Support Technology Survey results and include supplementary articles in this white paper. Possible topics for authors include data analytics, information governance, the effect of technology-assisted review on ediscovery, litigation support for corporate legal departments and more.


Peer to Peer Magazine:
Summer 2019:
New Business Perspectives: Finding Innovative Solutions

This Business Partner-focused issue will tackle new and emerging BP-related trends, concerns, and some of the intricate problems faced in the corporate world. The issue will have a strong mix of articles and case-studies that address the complex needs of this section of ILTA constituency and will offer real-world tech solutions and innovations.


Mini White Paper and Survey:
Project Management

A robust PM survey, tackling the rise of PM in legal, takes a look at a new and necessary discipline that is rapidly shaping and challenging the industry. The results of this survey will open the lid on what is happening in the market and how firms are managing the evolution of PM in legal organizations. Also included will be a small number of Mini White Papers.

  • Publishing July 2019


White Paper:
Knowledge Management

Possible article topics could range from new roles in KM, content aggregation, working with data and data analytics, innovation, and much more!

  • submissions Closed
  • Publishing August 2019


2019 Compensation Survey

Updated for 2019, the compensation survey will be published jointly with ALA and LMA. ILTA is thrilled provide an opportunity for deep analysis in roles typically associated with IT services. Each functional area is tiered by level of responsibility; and by filtering on geography, years of experience and firm size, the relevant data that affect compensation levels are easily explored.

  • Publishing in August 2019


Survey Results:
2019 Technology Survey

This highly anticipated report gives you a current snapshot and trending data of technology systems and processes used in law firms.

  • No Articles Accepted
  • Publishing September 2019



Peer to Peer Magazine:
Fall 2019:
Diversity in Technology: Embracing New Ideas

This issue will focus on the greater, diverse ILTA family and offer articles on Inclusion, LGBT+ issues, diversity and race in the workplace, having a seat at the table as a minority, the impact of women and early-career professionals in the workplace, and address other topical issues, including Law2020. We will focus further on upcoming educational sessions, local and regional events. Both Business Partner and Member articles and content will appear in this issue.

  • Article submissions Open July 1 - July 31
  • Publishing September 2019


White Paper:
Marketing Technology White Paper and Survey

Articles in this publication should focus on leveraging technology and information to achieve marketing goals and objectives. This includes tools that automate tasks to surface actionable intelligence, customer insight and strategies for reaching target audiences. Topics may include innovations in marketing technology, design thinking for videos and digital marketing, promoting efficiencies and best practices, website design, competitive intelligence, analytics, search engine optimization, and more!

  • Article submissions Open June 3 - JuLY 19
  • Publishing September 2019


White Paper:
Information Governance White Paper and Survey

This all-new White Paper will address the challenges in emerging Information Governance technology, the changing IG culture, creating an effective IG program, and machine learning and AI processes. Additional topics will center around Big Picture Classifications (public, private, and confidential) including classification schemes, protection wrapped around the data, the sweep of PII, and many other current IG topics.

  • Article submissions Open Aug 1
  • Publishing November 2019


White Paper:
Corporate Legal Departments

New for 2019, this white paper will include a variety of article topics, ranging from e-billing, tech, and related data analytics, practical uses of AI in corporate legal operations, professional development and the skills gap in analytics and AI, assessing outside counsel data security, and more.

  • Article submissions Open Sep 15 - Oct 18
  • Publishing November 2019


Peer to Peer Magazine:
Winter 2019:
Challenges and the Road Ahead

As we near the end of 2019, this issue will address the Challenges that Innovation and Evolution brought to technology and that must now be implemented. Both Business Partner and Member articles will appear in this issue.

  • Article submissions Open Oct 1 - Oct 31
  • Publishing December 2019

Our Process

Check out our editorial calendar to see which upcoming publication theme seems like a good fit.

Send an article pitch (a paragraph describing the intended article topic) using our idea form.

If your pitch is accepted, please observe ILTA's publishing guidelines, deadlines and word count. Submit your final draft of the article by the deadline as a Word document. Include a brief bio (50 words) and a hi-res headshot.

You write, we edit. Each article goes through an iterative editing process. ILTA reserves the right to edit an article to conform to our house style rules and flow well with other content in a publication.

Approve the final layout, and sign the author agreement letter.

Publishing Guidelines

Every submission should be an original, educational piece. Do not spotlight specific products or companies; rather, write about challenges and solutions with technology or administrative procedures (we love case studies).

Start your article with a strong concept or thesis, and craft a strong closing.

Consider including a short sidebar piece in your article, especially if you conduct an interview, want to include a list or have other related information that doesn’t quite fit in the article. Also consider using subheads and bullet lists.

Do not include footnotes, diagrams or images. Citations should be incorporated into the context of the article.

Keep your audience in mind. ILTA's readers are technology professionals in law firms and corporate legal departments. Consider their knowledge as you write.

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