ILTA Tip of the Week - Nuance PowerPDF - Printing Bookmarks

By ILTA Tips posted 03-21-2016 09:31


Is there a way to print the Bookmark Pane?

Yes, in a manner of speaking:

Once the list of bookmarks is created; you create a “table of contents”. I guess for lack of another term they used that – it IS a TOC, but created from your list of bookmarks.  You can even choose to put the TOC after page 1; or put it at the end of the document, and print that one page, and then delete it after saving that one page as a separate document – or however you want to treat it.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s how - To create a TOC

  1. On the Bookmarks Panel, select the Create Table of Contents item from the Options drop-down menu.
    The Table of Contents Settings dialog box appears.
  2. In the Contents tab of the dialog box, select a display level.
    1. Decide whether or not page numbers should be displayed and right-aligned, and select a symbol-line.
    2. From the Format drop-down list select a predefined or a customized TOC appearance.
    3. To define a new appearance, select Custom and click the Edit button. Make desired settings in the Style dialog box and save it under a name to be entered in the Save As Format dialog box. The new format is added to the Format list.
  3. In the Content Page tab of the dialog box, click Appearance to change and reformat a TOC title if needed, define the paper size and the orientation for the Table of Contents and define its position within the document.
  4. Click OK.

The Table of Contents will be displayed.