But Wait... There's More - Intranets and Knowledge Management

By Joanne Kiley posted 08-31-2017 22:48


Recently members discussed workflow tools for intranets and breaking siloed knowledge management functions. Jump to the “Something Extra” section for some favorite sources of mine for good reading. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest.

Intranet Improvements

Right before ILTACON 2017 a member asked about intranet workflow options. In addition to the sage advice received in the ILTA communities, ILTACON sessions addressed this topic. Listen to the recording and review the slide deck from Microsoft’s Power Apps for SharePoint. Just before ILTACON, Richard Harbridge of 2toLead presented a webinar, “SharePoint: What’s Changed in the Past Few Years and Why It Matters.” If you’ve ever heard Richard speak, you know it’s fast. Thank goodness we have the recording so you can rewind in case you miss anything. While working on workflows, inspiration never hurts. Michael Shea of Morgan Lewis and Shannon Ryan of Valtech presented at ILTACON 2017 on moving static intranets to “dynamic digital workplaces” for a more collaborative work environment, “The Digital Workplace Imperative: Your Competitive Advantage Depends On It.”

Knowledge Management Growth

Earlier in August, ILTA released the annual knowledge management white paper, “Knowledge Management: From Practical to Conceptual.” The seven terrific articles and the summary of the 2016 Knowledge Management Survey results highlight collaboration and possibility with more advanced technologies in KM. To go with the white paper, watch the webinar recording “Knowledge Management Toolkit: Then, Now and What’s Next.” Sukesh Kamra, the ILTA Peer Awards Knowledge Management Professional of the Year, presented on innovative KM’s significant impact  on the commercial success of law firms.


The summer season has almost ended but getting some good reading in does not have to stop just because the days get shorter. I thought I’d share a few favorite places I visit in the blogosphere. In addition to PinHawk’s daily treasure trove of what’s hot and what’s next, I like John Alber’s, Ken Grady’s the Algorithmic Society, Dan Katz’s Computational Legal Studies, Mary Abraham’s Above and Beyond KM, Chris Dale’s eDisclosure Information Project and so many more. Please share yours too.

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