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2015 ILTACon – à la Lit Support

By Julie Brown posted 08-03-2015 09:04


This year’s conference once again has an outstanding line up of litigation support sessions.  Don’t have time to plan your week?  I’ve included a summary of my picks for the week focused on Litigation & Practice Support.  I encourage you to take a moment and review other sessions on the ILTACon website or on the ILTA Conference App that you may find of interest.  There are sessions regarding leadership, professional development, security, information governance, and wide array of other topics that you may find of interest.

So let’s start with things to do before you arrive.  Check the ILTACon website and/or  download the ILTA App to your mobile device.  I highly recommend the ILTA App.  It is a great way to see what sessions are scheduled and where they are, build your schedule in advance or on the fly, participate in session polling and communicate with others at conference.  You can add sessions and activities of interest to your calendar so you always know where you’re going next.

If you are arriving earlier on Sunday, don’t miss the litigation support community of interest.  This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones before the educational tracks get underway!  If you are new to conference, this is a great way to meet some peers and make some friends that you will see throughout the week.  Following the Community of Interest is the conference orientation.  This meeting provides information about many of the activities for the coming week.  (I always attend this even after years of attending conference and always discover some tidbit of information that helps me make the most of conference.)  Highly  recommended!  Finally, the opening reception is the place to meet up with members and service providers over hors d'oeuvres and liquid refreshments!  This year it will be outdoors by the beautiful Caesar’s pools (weather permitting).  Keep your eye on the sky and the ILTA App will provide any notifications regarding a change of venue.

My picks for Sunday:


Litigation Support Community of Interest




Opening Reception


Get up Monday morning and make your way down for an awesome breakfast before heading to the Keynote session.  If you haven’t attended conference before you will quickly discover the ILTA feeds you very well J.  I also use all of the meals to further network and meet new people.  ILTA’ns  are a very friendly bunch so just walk up to any table at any meal and ask if you can join them.  Strike up a conversation and you never know what common interests you have with others and how many new friends you will meet.  Whatever you do don’t miss the Keynote and morning workshops.  ILTA has some of the best keynote speakers and workshops I’ve seen providing me inspiration for the week and the future.  A must see!

My picks for Monday educational track are below.  The Litigation Support Roundtable will utilize Event Pads which are new to ILTA this year.  Each attendee will be provided with an iPad to use during the session.  The Event Pads will deliver a highly interactive session…don’t miss it!


Keynote: The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Sir Ken Robinson, Internationally Recognized Authority on Creativity and Innovation

What does it take to achieve personal success and feel like you are in your element? World-renowned innovator Sir Ken Robinson argues that it is not natural talent that drives personal success, but rather a delicate interplay among talent, passion, attitude and opportunity that brings people to achieve their highest levels of success and lead lives of meaning and purpose. Based on his newly released and highly acclaimed book "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything," Robinson takes audiences on a compelling tour of what can happen in all our lives when passion and talent meet. He draws on the personal stories of high achievers in many fields, including Sir Paul McCartney, Arianna Huffington, Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons), Meg Ryan and renowned physicist Richard Feynman.


Embracing Managed Services for Litigation Support

Is your firm contemplating a move to a Managed Services model? Are you wondering what the journey entails?Come and hear from our panel on their respective journeys. Learn what led them there -cost, staffing, the type or volume of work, or all of the above?And most importantly, how isit working?


​Litigation Support Roundtable

​We all hate the fire drills and would like to prepare for challenges before they arrive.What are the next major challenges inlitigation support?Join us for this moderated roundtable discussion of Hot Topics in the litigation support industry.Topics may include staffing, product selection, technological advances, recent case decisions, outsourcing, etc.and will be selected by session attendees. Attendees will learn what concerns are onthe minds of other litigation support professionalsand identify issues they may need to think about for the future.


Disintermediation: Protecting Your Client Relationships

​In economics, “disintermediation” means the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain, or “cutting out the middlemen.” Notable examples in the technology world include Dell and Apple, which sell many of their systems directly to the consumer. The legal market is not immune, most notably in eDiscovery. Instead of feeling doomed, learn how technology and increased automation present unprecedented new opportunities for growth and strengthening your client relationships.


Following the educations sessions I always head to the Local Member Networking event.  This is a great opportunity to meet others in your geographic regional area.  It is amazing how often I see people at ILTA that I either don’t know in my region or that I don’t see throughout the year.  You can also learn about local ILTA events and learn how to get involved.  Following the local meeting you can head down the concourse to witness the musical performance of the Legal Bytes band.  This leads you right into the Exhibit Hall where Hors d'oeuvres and liquid refreshments will be served.  This year the theme is an enchanted fairy world in ILTA’s “Once Upon a Time” Exhibit Hall Opening Reception.  Many of the vendors will deck out their exhibits based on the theme.  Feel free to come as you are or dress for the theme.  Look for me there…I may be wearing wings with fairy dust sprinkled in my hair J.

My picks for Monday evening:


Local Member Networking Event


Legal Bytes Band Performs


Exhibit Hall Opening Reception


On Tuesday my picks for the educational track are as follows:


The Need for Speed: Rapid-Fire Problem-Solving in a Time-Starved World

Matt Homann, CEOof Kendeo and founder of Filament

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make and a limited amount of time to make them. Your daily agenda is filled with back-to-back meetings, and you can’t imagine adding yet another four-hour team “brainstorming” session to your calendar. If only you could make better decisions with your team, and make them faster. Whether you’re an outspoken extrovert or thoughtful introvert, this fast-paced, collaborative session will provide you with new ways to work with peers to solve your most pressing technology challenges. Building on more than a decade of helping senior teams make better decisions, Kendeo CEO Matthew Homann will introduce us to a creative mix of cutting-edge decision-making tools that utilize visual thinking, the theory of constraints, the power of silence, Scrum and the Fibonacci Sequence while helping us meet, think and learn together better.


To Share or Not To Share: The Debate Over Disclosure of eDiscovery Protocols

​Discovery on Discovery Grudge Match: Bring you mobile devices, because ILTA needs your participation in this session. What do you have to tell opposing counsel about your preservation, search, culling and review strategies? What if they object? What do courts say about these issues? ILTA attendees will hear several thought-provoking hypothetical vignettes with arguments from both producing and requesting parties. Judge Andrew Peck will deploy his mastery in wrangling litigants with differing views while creating a balance between cooperation and advocacy


​20 EDiscoveryWarningsin 60 Minutes

​We’ve all been there.Things don’t always go as expected and you end up getting burned.Join your peers in this interactive session where audience members will provide examples of things that went awry… but more importantly, how they resolved the issue. Attendees will walk away with some great tips to avoid those dreadedfire drills in the future.


Building StrategicLitigation Support Relationships

​Trying to accomplish things on your own may take more resources than you have and may not generate the best result.The best strategic relationships don't just happen. What does it take to develop and maintain the optimal strategic relationship? Panelists will share techniques they have used to nurture and maintain these strategic relationships and how the investment has paid off. Attendees willgain insight onbuilding and maintainingstrategic relationships in their litigation support organization.


Finally, a short break in the action!  The last session ends at 4:30 on Tuesday and the Distinguished Peer Awards Dinner and Afterglow party doesn’t start until 6:30.  You can spend this time networking with peers or going back to your room for a breather.  The awards dinner is a formal site down dinner with a comedian emcee and the theme is “the new Las Vegas”.  You can come as you are or take this opportunity to dress to the nines!  This is a great opportunity to cheer on your peers as award winners are announced in various categories include the Outstanding Litigation and Practice Support award.  Following the dinner is the Afterglow party with a theme of “vintage Las Vegas”.  This should be interesting and is a must see even if you can’t stay awake until the end.


Distinguished Peer Awards and Afterglow Party


My picks for Wednesday’s educational track are as follows:


Keynote: Multitasking: Making More of Your Time Count

Mark Nizer, Comedian and Juggler Extraordinaire

This interactive workshop combines a multimedia presentation and lecture with a hands-on workshop to teach the principles of productive multitasking. In today’s busy competitive business world, focusing our attention on time can make the difference between success and failure. Come learn to make more of your time count!


Building a Process Map for Culling Discovery Data

​The most costly stage of the discovery process is document review. To contain costs litigation support teams must use analysis and leverage technology to reduce the amount of data that goes into review.In this session attendees will develop a process for culling data based on a specific scenario with an “as is” process map.Each table will work as team to determine the best technology, processes and people to improve efficiency in a defensible manner.This strategy will then be documented as a “to be” process.Attendees will learn how to think through and develop a process map related to EDiscovery Analytics.


​Aligning Information Security, Litigation Support, and eDiscovery

​A panel of litigation support, information security, and corporate legal department representatives will tackle the challenges of remaining responsive to the sea of litigation support / eDiscovery requests while staying in compliance with internal & external information security requirements.This session will help litigation support and information security professionals understand the pressures each is under, create a shared vision of success, and build the relationships necessary to drive value for clients while effectively managing risk.​


​Predictive Coding Oracle Study- Phase II Results

​In this “Part 2” of last year’s wildly successful session, Patrick Oot will present the “next phase” results of the Electronic Discovery Institute’s predictive coding study. Come get a non-biased, scientific view into the world of predictive coding.


On Wednesday evening there is no scheduled ILTA event so you are on your own.  There are many vendor parties and events to attend or you may just want to kick back and relax!

My Picks for Thursday’s educational track are below.  I know by Thursday many of us are dragging but there are some don’t miss sessions including the closing Litigation Support session from 3:30-4:30 which is an interview with Judge Peck.


​Developing Talent and Proving Value of Internal Litigation Support - Meeting the Vendor Challenge

With more and more vendors touting all inclusive services, Litigation Support Managers and Directors have to show the value their departments add to the discovery process. Come and hear experts talk about their experiences developing talent as well as managing "up."


​Past Performance and Future Success: What’s Next for eDiscovery?

​We can all think back through the evolution of the eDiscovery industry - from the days ofpaper reviewthough theadvent ofelectronic scanning, andeDiscovery as wenow know it. Come and hear some industry veterans talk about the evolution of our industry, including their experiences. They will explore how technology has played a role, the courts and government agencies adoption and expertise, the role of the attorney, and many more topics.


​A Conversation with Judge Peck

An Audience with Respected Jurist Judge Andrew Peck on Various E-Discovery Topics.


The final event Thursday night is Game on ILTACON!  Be sure to attend for delicious food, fun games and competitions, the ever popular karaoke bar and more!


Game on, ILTACON!


For those that would like some physical activity during the week the following events are planned.

Golf Tournament

Sunday, August 30th — 7:30 a.m. Shotgun Start
ILTA's 17th annual golf tournament will be held at the Royal Links Golf Club, a course based on the best 18 holes from the 11-course rotation of the British Open. Located 15 minutes from Caesars, buses will take you from Caesars, to the golf course and back. There will be breakfast, lunch, beverage carts and awards for the top three teams, longest drive and closest to the pin.The cost to play is $115. Sign up now! Sponsored by Kraft Kennedy

Monday through Thursday — 6:30 – 7:30 a.m.
Get your morning started with a 60-minute yoga session. Bring your mat, and enjoy one of the most effective, healthy ways to exercise your mind and body from the inside out. Towels will be provided. Sign-up starts soon!

Tuesday, September 1 — 6:30 – 7:30 a.m.
If you enjoy moving to a Latin beat, you'll love this 60-minute dance workout. Zumba fitness classes fuse Latin dance rhythms with easy-to-follow moves for a fun, energizing and effective workout. Sign-up starts soon


I hope this summary is helpful in planning your week and I encourage others to comment with additional suggestions I may have missed.  I look forward to seeing you in 26 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes and 32 seconds (depending on when you read thisJ)!


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08-05-2015 14:37

Thanks for the information. After a long absence I look forward to reconnecting with the ILTA LitSupport Peer Group.

08-03-2015 15:30

Also, there's the annual Litigation & Practice Support Peer Group Reception right after the last session on Tuesday but before the Distinguished Peer Awards Dinner. Join us for another chance to network with your peers over drinks and snacks. You thought there'd be a break in the action, but no way! Details to be announced shortly...
UPDATE: Litigation Support Reception for ILTA Members will be on Tuesday, September 1 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in the Milano Foyer I, II, III, IV. Many thanks to IPRO for sponsoring. Click here to RSVP:

08-03-2015 11:57

Excellent summary! Will populate my ILTA app schedule based on this :)

08-03-2015 10:14

Great summary, Julie!! I always look forward to your picks :) See you in a few weeks!