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Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal - Takeaway

By Kathleen Ratcliffe posted 05-01-2019 21:20


Please enjoy this brief takeaway from the May 1st roundtable discussion entitled "Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal."

It is important for Legal to have an IT dedicated team and for that collective team to have shared goals.

o   If you don’t have a dedicated IT team – figure out how to assemble one pronto!

o   This might mean Legal needs to explain the legal ramifications “legalese” for their IT requests

o   This might mean that IT needs to explain to Legal why or why not they can accomplish said goal

o   This might mean IT needs to explain IT technobabble to Legal

It is important to have Legal and IT stakeholders involved as early as possible in any decision making process and for that relationship to continue throughout the process.

o   Understand goals from each perspective—define success for each other. Have a clear vision of what success looks like for both sides.

o   Speak the same language, if you don’t understand, ask.

For successful operations, have talks with stakeholders early and often. Evaluate your shared goals on an ongoing basis. Listen to each other and give feedback on an ongoing basis. Identify problems clearly and as they arise. Work together as a team to solve issues that arise as they arise. Consider post-mortem analysis of issues you encountered and what you can do as a team to avoid those issues in the future. Most importantly, always remember you are fighting together as a team, not against each other as opponents. Treat each other with respect. We are all in this together.