Data Science comes to ILTAcon! [Thursday Session Rundown]

By Tim Golden posted 08-16-2017 22:12


This is part four in my attempt to help data-minded attendees navigate ILTAcon ‘17. Part one covered Sun-Mon sessions and networking events, part two covered Tuesday’s sessions, part three covered Wednesday (AKA data science Wednesday), post four (this post) covers Thursday, and post five will discuss the amazing ILTA solution provider community supporting the data analytics needs of law firms and corporate legal departments. 

Thursday, August 17th

As conference winds down, there are still some learning opportunities around data science and analytics.  Also, don't forget the vendor all is open for the first half of the day!

Vendor Demo Room Sessions:

[8:00 AM - 9:00 AM] AI + Terms of Business Management - It's Real A lot of vendors are spending a lot of energy and ink these days talking about Artificial Intelligence. But is it "real" - or just another popular buzzword? Well, at Intapp we're making significant investments in applying cutting-edge technology - including AI - to address real-world problems facing law firms. Attend this session to learn more, and see how the infusion of human-assisted AI machine learning capabilities enables firms to automate and streamline categorization, negotiation, management, analysis and compliance with client outside counsel guidelines and terms of business. #VEND_39

[8:00 AM - 9:00 AM] Create a Central Hub to Monitor Network Security using Qlik When it comes to data security, law firms are often considered the weak link! Many firms suffer from a lack of visibility into their security data. Using Qlik, firms can consolidate data from multiple security solutions and network logs, to create a central hub. From this hub, security professionals can explore network events and potential risks, by source, region, etc. Join InOutsource to check out a sample dashboard and discuss creative ways to manage security. #VEND_23

[8:00 AM - 9:00 AM] The Value of Analytics for any Litigation (Mini round-table and learning) Engage in an open discussion and learn how to best leverage analytics technology to optimize your case and review strategy, as well as locate documents that may otherwise be missed. We will focus on advanced workflow techniques and other best practices for leg teams, litigation support staff, and paralegals. We will also discuss the use of TAR and various workflows around it. #VEND_13

[9:00 AM - 10:00 AM] Driving Innovation with BI Visionary Sisense Join InOutsource for a product demo of Sisense -- an innovative business intelligence solution that allows users to quickly analyze and visualize both large and disparate data sources. Learn how Sisense is disrupting the BI market by simplifying analytics for complex data. Just recognized as a Visionary by Gartner, Inc. in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, Sisense is constantly introducing novel ways to make data more accessible to business users. #VEND_08

General Sessions

[2:00 PM - 3:00 PM] Data Analytics for Information Governance Whether you’re in a law firm or corporate environment, using data and key metrics can improve your information governance (IG) and system performance. What types of data should you be evaluating, and how to do find the value of it? How can you create the ideal information governance framework by distilling data into building blocks that tie together? We'll examine case studies to demonstrate data-driven decisions made throughout the building and remodeling of successful IG programs. #ILTAG142

[3:30 - 4:30] Preserving, Collecting and Producing Databases for Ediscovery An industry expert will share how they deal with, manage and produce structured data and databases during litigation and government investigations. Attendees will hear about common challenges and solutions to help deal with these challenging sources of data, and they will learn about techniques to preserve, collect, review and produce structured data and databases. #ILTAG147

See you in sessions!