iPad Apps Our Lawyers Like

By ILTA Tips posted 04-13-2015 00:00





  • Exhibit A (Michael Henderson, $14.99). This is a powerful tool for organizing presentations in the courtroom, the boardroom, the classroom, or anywhere you need to present your message with power, clarity and precision.
  • iJury™ (Dynamis Law, LLC, $14.99) This app was built by trial attorneys to help you select the very best jury for your case. It removes the need to focus on taking notes, and allows you to focus on individual jurors without losing track of critical evaluative data. Data entry is required.
  • iJuror (Scott Falbo; $24.99). This app allows litigators to record juror information, group responses, assess the importance of responses, rank jurors, and produce a report to review your findings. iJuror allows you to color-code the jurors for an easy visual reference: green for the jurors you like, red for the ones you don't, and yellow for any you are uncertain about. You can select each juror and add notes such as age, gender, ethnicity, and marital status. You can drag jurors to a basket on the screen to indicate whether they are your strike, opposing counsel's strike, or removal for cause. You can use the same drag feature to seat the final jury once it has been assigned. iJuror does limit the categories of information you can take notes on; you can add notes manually in the note field, but that takes almost as long as writing it on an old-fashioned sticky note.
  • Jury Star® (Litigator Technology, $39.99). This app was nominated as a 2012 and 2013 Best Trial Prep iPad App by The National Law Journal and was featured in the October 2012 issue of The American Magazine: "Many apps have tried to facilitate the jury selection process - and most would quickly be found guilty of not helping much. But JuryStar bucks the trend with a user interface and features more in line with the way trial attorneys choose a panel."
  • Jury Tracker (John Cleaves, $4.99). JuryTracker has built-in gestures and emoticons to make note taking simple, quick, and consistent. It includes reports that can be saved to the iPad for later review or emailed immediately to trial team members.
  • TranscriptPad (Saurian, $89.99). This app allows you to review deposition transcripts and create designations of testimony that you can share with opposing counsel, the court, or others.
  • TrialPad (Saurian, $89.99). This case organizer and trial presentation software is as mighty as most desktop presentation software. TrialPad allows you to easily access documents, play videos, and annotate or zoom in on evidence during a trial. You can highlight, redact, or add exhibit stickers to documents and create reports of all your evidence with the exhibit numbers. You can import documents via Dropbox, email, iTunes, Photos, or from a variety of other iPad apps. If you find particular exhibits are intriguing or persuasive to your jury, you can designate them as key documents with your annotations and callouts saved. Then you can call up your key documents as needed during closing argument.
  • Jury Duty (Stacy Kelly, $39.99). This amazingly innovative app helps speed the voir dire process with tools to customize voir dire and capture critical information using seating charts and question lists. 
  • Mobile Transcript for iPad (Mobile Transcript, LLC, free). This is one of the few productivity apps created just for lawyers. This app gives you the opportunity to review deposition and court transcripts that are optimized for the iPad with various interactive features. You can highlight key testimony with the tap of a finger and quickly email selected points in Excel or PDF format to associates or expert witnesses.


  • Black's Law Dictionary, 9th Edition (Thomson Reuters, $54.99). For more than a century Black's Law Dictionary® has been the standard for the language of law. Today it's the most widely cited law book in the world. The 9th Edition contains more than 45,000 terms, alternate spellings or equivalent expressions for more than 5,300 terms, and West key numbers. 
  • CA Civil Code 2015 - California Law (PDA Wizard, $5.99). This app provides the full text of the 2014 California Civil Code in an easily readable and searchable format. 
  • Fastcase (Fastcase, free). This app provides portable access to the entire Fastcase law library and legal research system. It produces legal research results at an amazing speed, providing full access to state and federal cases all over the United States. Additional services are available by upgrading to a full Fastcase subscription, but a subscription is not necessary for using the free iPad app for legal research. 
  • Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (FRAppProc) (Tekk Innovations LLC, free). This app provides the complete text of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure from the appendix of USC 28.
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCivProc) (Tekk Innovations LLC, free). This app provides the complete text of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure from the appendix of USC 28.
  • Federal Rules of Evidence (FREvidence) (Tekk Innovations LLC, free). This app provides the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence from the appendix of USC 28.
  • Law Stack (Tekk Innovations LLC, free). A "legal library for your pocket," Law Stack comes preloaded with the U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and much more. 
  • LawBox 2013 (LawBox LLC, free). This app is a legal reference and search utility for the iPad (or iPhone) that features the latest full text legal search engine on any mobile device. A built-in library allows users to download additional state and federal codes as they need them.
  • Lexis Advance HD (LexisNexis, free). With this app you can quickly retrieve cases from Lexis and ensure your research is "good law" with Shepard's . You can access previous search results quickly and search within results, and you can view and annotate documents while offline with the ability to sync changes. Note: you must have a current Lexis Advance subscription and valid ID/password to use this app.
  • Lexis Legal News Briefs (LexisNexis, free). This app provides access to daily legal news from up to seven of the country's leading legal, financial, political, and general news publications. You can email full text news articles and input a client ID at login to track research costs for accurate billing. Note: only content included in your LexisNexis subscription will be available., and app usage will be reflected on the customer's monthly LexisNexis subscription invoice.
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (Tekk Innovations LLC, free). This app provides the complete text of the U.S. Manual of Patent Examining Procedure with-fast browsing and search queries.
  • NY Civil Practice Law and Rules (NY Law/Code/Statutes) (Tekk Innovations LLC, $5.99). This app provides the complete text of the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules with fast browsing and search queries.
  • Rulebook (Ready Reference Apps, LLC, free). This app can replace your paper federal and state laws, as well as The Bluebook. Rulebook is the easiest and most effective way to reference laws in today's world where information is power. Whether you're sitting in law classes, or on your way to a court trial, take all the rules you have downloaded anywhere you go and quickly access them without the need for an internet connection. The legal content is updated when the rules are amended, while preserving notes and highlights previously made.

Submitted by Jeanne Marie Boswell, Director of Technology Training, Paul Hastings LLP