Tip of the Week - Resize Active Screens

By ILTA Tips posted 01-25-2016 11:03


The key combination I use the most is the Window Logo and the arrow keys.  It will automatically resize the active screen.  For instance, if I press Logo + right arrow, it will place the screen on the right and be half of the screen.  This came in handy for users who happen to have two monitors and want to automatically resize the window without having to use the arrows.  It really is quite fun - beats trying to find the edge and drag to fit.

When the users discovered that they could “drag” a window to the edge of a monitor and it would automatically “resize” they were delighted!  But, when they all got two monitors, that trick no longer worked.  Once they found out they could us the Logo Key and the arrow keys – they were happy once again.  It is the little things in life…

Submitted by Sherri Hodge

Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn and Dial, LLC
Training Specialist/Helpdesk